Daniel LaFavers

Software Engineer

(248) 231-4253

Cengage Learning - Farmington Hills, Michigan 01/2005-06/2013

Senior Software Developer (2011)

  • Designed and developed the Z39.50 server for search system.

Architect (2009-2010)

  • Developed C++ unit testing package to support test-driven development for C++.
  • Developed Agile build system for C++ to discover code relationships and run tests.
  • Created the Tree Script Language for DOM editing.
  • Developed a workflow poller/controller.
  • Supported quick time-to-market efforts for Community Health and History eReader.
  • Java development and data formatting for Grzimekā€™s Animal Encyclopedia project.

Manager eReference Content Services (2007-2009)

  • Designed and led the development of the eReference Content Services platform.
  • Developed the Tree Script Language for XML data management.
  • Implemented distributed services system, messaging protocols, web server, logging server, and rule-based expert system.
  • Developed web toolkit to create a web-based system control panel for the backend.
  • Managed the development of Callisto replacement system for British Library product.
  • Supported projects: Content Asset Management System, Nuxeo/JSR back end, Cengage Learning eBook product line.

Senior System Analyst (2005-2006)

  • Part of Content Service Tier development team for the (GOLD) Gale Online Delivery (CMS) platform.
  • Developed the Matrix XML search engine.
  • Implemented search and document backend services for GOLD runtime.
  • Created data manufacturing workflow systems.