Daniel LaFavers

Software Engineer

(248) 231-4253

I've been coding for quite some time now, and I still love building things and working with a team.

I've done Linux system and network programming, Apache modules, iOS mobile, Xml, Html/Css, Database, a bit of Visual Studio, and a lot of C++, Perl, PHP, and JavaScript.

But the language and environment don't particularly matter. Those mostly depend on what we're building at the time.

I've been a manager, tech lead, team member, architect, mentor, and master builder. I can organize and manage teams, or move one card at a time.

My teams have written search engines, programming languages, build systems, process controllers, natural language processors, and tools for managing massive amounts of text.

I have had the great pleasure of working with many smart and motivated developers. Whether we are writing a multi-terabyte CDN or web services in PHP on AWS, there are always new things to learn and master.